Aaron Heier
President Emeritus

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Aaron Heier is a San Diego-based writer, publicist and social media maverick who happily admits to having too intimate a relationship with his iPhone. Aaron likes to stay connected and, as a result, is a well respected and recognized personality in the local LGBT community.

Aaron's written for television, magazines and web sites the likes of HGTV, AOL, Detour, Cargo, The Big A, GLTNewsNow and DiscoverSD to name a few.

Aaron has worked in the public relations industry for almost 20 years, representing some of the most internationally recognized lifestyle brands. With experience that extends from LA to London, he's helped shape the public image of celebrities, major television networks, restaurants & hotels, 'mom n pop' specialty shops and everything in between. Since 2002, Aaron has been Principal of Heier Communications (www.heiercommunications.com)

Aaron also moonlights as a charitable 'do-gooder' and believes volunteerism is grossly under-appreciated. He's been a volunteer at the San Diego LGBT Community Center since 2002 and, in 2008, he joined the organization as Client Services Coordinator. Six nights a week, Aaron mans the Center's Front Desk, assisting each and every individual who calls or walks through the front door with information on vital community resources, services and support.