Safety Tips from Stonewall Citizens' Patrol and San Diego Police

When you're out and about on the streets, remember things like this:

Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return

Walk with someone you know

While you are out, walk with confidence and know where you are going. You should be alert and make eye contact with people you pass.

Be aware of your surroundings. If you are uncomfortable, leave the area. Be especially alert at ATMs and banks. Watch for suspicious persons wherever you are.

If you are, or think you are being followed, DON'T GO HOME. Walk into a business and call the police.

DON'T GO OUT ALONE AT NIGHT. Stay out of unfamiliar and dark places. Don't take shortcuts, talk to or accept rides with strangers, or hitch rides. Don't walk in or near alleys, on deserted streets, near dark doorways or shrubbery.

Blow a whistle or scream to attract attention if you are threatened; then try to get to a safe area such as a business.

Learn self-defense. Take classes only from licensed instructors.

Know where telephones are along your route. Your may forget your cell phone, or it my run out of battery power.

Carry extra money for transportation, some change for emergency calls to a friend or home. Remember 911 calls are free on all pay phones.

Carry identification, medical information, names and phone numbers of people to call in emergencies.

Avoid verbal confrontations - they usually lead to physical altercations. Just walk away!

Don't leave notes on your door when you are away from home.

Don't leave keys in hiding places. If you must leave a spare key, leave it with a friend or neighbor.